Can I delete my account?

Can I delete my account?

You may open Settings page on applications and find Delete-account guides. Your account, including channel information and database, will be deactivated 30 days before completely being removed out of Tevi.
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    • Can I start live streaming from computers?

      Yes, you can. Access Creator Mode on website and you will be led to Tevi Studio. Then you can set up and start your live streaming event on web. For now Tevi is available for direct browser video source or another video source from OBS - Open ...
    • Can I become a creator?

      Tevi is friendly to anyone to start live streaming and become a content creator. Switch to Creator Mode in your account, create and customize your own channel. Then you can invite people to join your events.
    • What can I do with Tevi?

      Each Tevi account has two modes of Viewer and Creator. - Viewer may join livestream events, follow their favorite channels and interact with the host with chatting, gifting, playing games... depending on host's streaming activities. - Creator may ...
    • Why is my account banned?

      Your account will be locked if and only if there are indications or evidence that it has violated the provisions of the Terms of Use. Violations will be noted for unusual activities when using the system, making payments or withdrawing funds, as well ...
    • Can others replay my livestream video?

      Since live streaming activities on Tevi is based on end-to-end enscryption, we do not actively save your content as a video. Therefore, by default, viewers will not be able to review these content. Do you have a need for viewers to be able to watch ...