Can I pay for subscriptions via real money?

Can I pay for subscriptions via real money?

No, subscriptions only accept payments in the amount of Stars. You can use cash to buy Stars through in-app purchase or the Star shop on the website.
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    • How to purchase Star on Tevi?

      To purchase Stars on Tevi: Log in to your Tevi account: Open the Tevi app on your mobile device or visit the Tevi website on your computer and log in to your account. Find the Shop button: Look for the Shop button, located at the bottom of the screen ...
    • How can I cancel a purchased subscription?

      You can track your subscriptions in the "My Subscription" tab in the Profile page. Choose a package to see the details, you'll see instructions to cancel it at the bottom of the page. Note: you can cancel a subscription, but you won't get a refund ...
    • What are the benefits of buying a channel subscription package?

      Subscription benefits will depend on the channel owner or content creator. Tevi allows content creators to create exclusive content for subscribers, or offer them exclusive offers that are not visible to regular users. Subscribers can also engage in ...
    • What if I want to sell multiple monthly subscriptions at the same time?

      You can purchase subscriptions by default packages of 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months. The monthly unit price will not change.
    • Do subscriptions auto-renew?

      Subscription function on Tevi will automatically renew by default.