How can I cancel a purchased subscription?

[FAQ] How can I cancel a purchased Membership?

Here are 3 steps to cancel auto-renewing you current Membership Tier(s):

Step 1: Go to your Membership details

You can track your Membership Tier by go to Menu, then click/tap on "My Membership". In this tab, you will see a list of Membership Tiers that you have purchased.

Step 2: Click on "Cancel"

Choose a Tier that you want to cancel to see the details, you'll see instructions to cancel it at the bottom of the page.

If you're using PC, you can access a Membership Tier detail by clicking "!" which located next to "Expired Date".

Step 3: Confirm your choice

Click on "Cancel" and confirm your choice. After you have done canceling your Membership, the cancel instruction will be disable so you won't see this option again.

- You can benefit from a cancelled Membership Tier until it expires. After that, your account won't be charged again for this Tier.

- You won't get a refund for the amount of Stars used to purchase Membership, no matter how long the Membership Tier is still valid.
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      Membership feature is for valid paid accounts only. A valid paid account is the one that has purchased Stars via in-app purchase or Tevi website within last 90 days.
    • How is a month in a Tevi subscription defined?

      Subscription packages on Tevi are based on a monthly basis. A month is specified as 30 days, with the first day of the month being the date that subscription was purchased, based on GMT+0 time zone.
    • Can I delete my account?

      You may open Settings page on applications and find Delete-account guides. Your account, including channel information and database, will be deactivated 30 days before completely being removed out of Tevi.
    • Can I recover deleted accounts?

      You can only recover your account within 30 days after deleting it. Just re-login to Tevi on any devices to recover your account and channel. Your account and channel data will be completely deleted after 30 days and cannot be recovered.
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