How can I find a creator/Space on Tevi?

How can I find a creator/Space on Tevi?

To search for a creator on Tevi, you can type in one of these information on Tevi's Search Bar:

1. Search by Space Name or Slug

By entering the Space Name, or Slug (the part after @, below the Space Name in their Space):

(Search by Space Name)

(Search by Space Slug)

2. Search by Space Description

By entering part of Space Description in the Search Bar:

3. Directly access via a Link Space

You can directly access a a creator's Space by clicking their Link Space (for example:

Additionally, please note that Tevi does not allow indexing of the following cases:
  1. Using Tevi default Space Slug.
  2. Using Tevi default avatar.
  3. Using Tevi default description.
  4. Using special characters in the name.
  5. Containing 18+ words, in case you turn on "Disable Filtering" in "Privacy and Safety" setting.
  6. Containing sensitive words.

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