How long will it take me to receive the money?

How long will it take me to receive the money?

In practical cases, your payout requests will be processed within 7 business days. In the event that we detect suspicious or reflected signs in your revenue-generating activities, it will take extra time for us to investigate and process your request. Withdrawal requests will be made when your account is confirmed not in violation or suspicious. You can go to the Transaction History to check the information regarding the status of the withdrawals.
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      To make a withdrawal, your request must be at least 10 Tevi (equal to $10). If it is, you can access to your "My Wallet" feature in Profile section. This one will be the management center for transaction activities. Then you can choose payment method ...
    • When will I receive TEVIs for multi-subscription from subscribers?

      Revenue from a subscription will be paid out every 30-days after the subscription start date. For example, a 1-month subscription will be paid at the end of its duration, while revenue from a 12-month subscription will be divided into twelve 30-days ...
    • When will I receive the income from interactive games of Idol Kit?

      Revenue from games of Idol Kit will be delivered to your account when events end. It will be recorded as a part of your event detail billing. You can find the amount in the Interaction tab of billing detail.
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