How to block or unblock a viewer?

How to block or unblock a viewer/follower?

If you find a viewer/follower trying to harass or disturb you, you can block them during your livestream or through your list of followers via Tevi App or PC/Mobile Web Browser.

Block/Unblock a viewer during your livestream:

You can only block a viewer when they input chat message in your livestream. When you choose to block a viewer:
  1. They will be kicked out of this live event immediately.
  2. They will not see your Space anymore.
  3. They will not be able to follow or subscribe to your Space.
If you find a viewer's comment inappropriate, you can block them by following these guides:

- On Tevi App:

  1. During your Livestream, long pressing their chat message.
  2. Tap "Block this user".
  3. Confirm your choice.

(Block a viewer on Tevi app)

- On PC/Mobile Web Browser:

  1. On Chat panel, click the message of the viewer who you want to block.
  2. Click "Block".

Block/Unblock a follower:

Currently, block/unblock a follower is only available on Tevi App. Blocked followers won't be able to:
  1. View your Space's information and activities.
  2. Follow or subscribe to your Space.

- To block a follower:

  1. Go to My Space and tap "Creator Tool".
  2. Tap "Followers".
  3. Scroll or enter the name of the follower that you want to block. Then tap on the menu icon at the right of their name and tap "Block".

(Block a follower on Tevi App)

- To unblock a follower:

  1. Go to My Space and tap "Creator Tool".
  2. Tap "Followers".
  3. Tap "Blocked Accounts".
  4. Scroll or enter the name of the follower that you want to unblock, then tap "Unblock". 

(Unblock a follower on Tevi App)

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