Introducing Tevi's T+7 and T+0 Policies

Introducing Tevi's T+7 and T+0 Policies

T+7 and T+0 policies regard the processing time for income generated within the app.

Both policies apply to each income generated from monetizing activities on Tevi, including Membership, Donations, Livestreams, and Pay-per-post.

T+7 Policy

Target Users:
- Unverified Spaces (Spaces without a blue tick).

How it works:
- Incomes generated by these Spaces undergo a verification process for 7 days. After this period, if no suspicious activity is detected, the income is credited back to the user's Tevi Wallet.

T+0 Policy

Target Users:
- Verified Spaces (Spaces with a blue tick).

How it works:
- Incomes generated within the app will be processed and transfer to their Tevi Wallet within the same day.

Why income from unverified Space's held for 7 days?

To protect our users from potential scams and fraudulent activities, we instituted a 7-day hold on income verification.

During this time, transactions are meticulously reviewed to verify their authenticity. Any reports of suspicious activity or refund requests from viewers are thoroughly investigated before the funds are credited to your Tevi Wallet.

What's the difference for Verified Space?

Since Verified Spaces already passed a verification process, which includes Space information, content, and activities review for authenticity, we shortened these Space's income verification process. According to that, Verified Space can receive their revenue to Tevi Wallet within a day.
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