Learn more about Analytics

Learn more about Analytics

What is Analytics?

Analytics is a tool designed to help creators track their Space's earnings over a specified period (Week/Month/Year/All time).

Analytics provides valuable insights into various metrics to optimize your monetizing activities effectively.

Key Metrics in Analytics:

- Estimated Revenue: This represents the approximate amount of money you earn after deducting service fees (if applicable).

- Followers: Indicates the number of new followers gained during the selected time period.

- Views: Total number of views across all livestreams during the selected time frame.

- Uptime: Total hours of livestreaming during the selected period.

  1. Analytics metrics are updated hourly to provide you with real-time insights into your Space's performance.
  2. Estimated revenue may include both verified and unverified earnings. Therefore, the data in Analytics serves as an evaluation of your income-generating activities on Tevi, rather than an exact reflection of your Tevi Wallet balance at any given time.

Estimated Revenue, Total income, and Verified Revenue:

- Estimated revenue in Analytics may include both verified and unverified earnings (except commission and rewards in USD).

- Total income shows on Space Profile including total income generated from monetizing activities, plus rewards in USD and commissions if any.

- Verified revenue can be found in your Tevi Wallet under Transaction History and consists only of earnings that have been verified and processed.

By utilizing Analytics, you gain valuable insights into your Space's financial performance, enabling you to make informed decisions to optimize your content strategy and engage more effectively with your audience on Tevi.
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