Android Mobile Application

Android Mobile Application

2023 September 18 - Version 3.0.0:

Big updates:
  1. Channel will be referred to as “Space”
  2. New interface in the Space page and About page
  3. Merge Creator mode and Viewer mode 
  4. Can find creators by entering name, slug, category or with available suggested keyword
  5. Can post text and photos through Posts feature and discuss with other users
  6. New Membership tiers: customize benefits and payment by card
  7. Change currency: TEVI -> USD
  8. Show verified badge for Space that has been confirmed as an authentic profile

Product optimization:

  1. Move the follower list to Creator tools

2023 August 28 - Version 2.11.0:

  1. Let users copy the payout request at the payout detail page.
  2. Only allow users to change their channel slug onetime for every 30 days. 
  3. Daily payout limited for payout request. 
  4. Require users to update their missing billing contact after submitting a payout request.
  5. Update status for payout request.
  6. Change wording for the notification feature.
  7. Set 1:1 ratio for account and channel avatar.
  8. Off-stage a participant when that participant turns off their live stream.
Fix bugs from other versions:
  1. Could not do quick action when a creator use the horizontal layout.
  2. Star transfer icon at the Star wallet.
  3. Other minor bugs.

2023 August 9 - Version 2.10.0:

New features:
  1. Added PK Game to the Idol kit extension.
  2. Added a Share button for each extension.
Product Optimization:
  1. Show the agency name in the channel detail if the channel is under an agency.
  2. Improved the experience of the Subscription Dashboard.
  3. Remove the New Subscribers page and redirect the notification to the All Active Subscribers page.
  4. Improved the notification of the Messaging extension.
Fix bugs from other versions:
  1. Remove unncessary alerts.
  2. Other minor bugs.

2023 July 25 - Version 2.9.0:

  1. Launched the Messaging extension, which enables direct conversations between creators and their viewers.
  2. Revised the organization of the Setting page.

2023 July 13 - Version 2.8.2:

  1. Allowed creators to set up the Wheel of Fortune game to be free or unlimited spinning time.
  2. Fix minor bugs from other versions.

2023 July 11 - Version 2.8.1:

  1. Improved the payout process by updating and adding the payout tracking, the follow up notifications, the payout request, and the payout method. 
  2. Added more notifications related to subscriptions.

2023 July 6 - Version 2.8.0:

New updates:
  1. Allowed creators to create event with access fee even though they already switched to the subscription model.
  2. Released the Subscramble campaign to encourage the subscription model for creators.
  3. Created channel automatically when a user went live for the first time.
  4. Optimized the adding and viewing social links on the channel detail page.
  5. Changed name of the Shop page and moved it to the profile page.
  6. Revised the menu for both Viewer mode and Creator mode.
  7. Moved the QR code to the Creator mode.
Fix bugs from other versions:
  1. The host could not delete a social media link.
  2. The loading took so long to add a social media link.

2023 June 23 - Version 2.7.0:

  1. Allowed creators to activate subscriptions plan on their channel so that their viewers can subscribe using Tevi Star.
  2. Added video avatars for special channels. 
  3. Fixed the bug that did not show the edited information of a scheduled live stream.

2023 June 14 - Version 2.6.0: 

  1. Fixed the record screen and screenshot bugs.
  2. Improved the experience for the Wheel of Fortune game and the comment scroll.

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