2024 May 6 - version 3.18.0:

New features and improvements:
1. Lock Event: convert livestream from free into paid type after “Go-live” already
  1. How to lock: Click "Settings” -> Click “Lock Event” and set a price
      - Available viewers must pay to continue watching, new access will need to purchase a ticket;
      - Only lock once per live, no option to unlock a “locked” event.
2. Creator Extensions: move list of extensions to "Creator next";
3. Follow Space: auto follow a Space after 5s accessing Space’s post or live.
4. Turn off auto follow:  stop your account from auto-following other Spaces
  1. How: click the Account Menu icon (☰) -> Settings -> Preferences -> then turn the “Auto follow” toggle off.
  2. You can toggle this back on at any time. By default, the toggle is On.
5. Direct Message link:  share a link to invite others to your Direct Message
  1. How to get the link: click Messages -> Message Settings -> Link to your chat
6. Report a live: report right in broadcasting live
  1. If you see someone's live broadcast and think it goes against Tevi’s Community Guidelines, you can report it using the report flag icon.

2024 April 10 - Version 3.17.0 :

New features and improvements:
1. New policy on video uploading
  1. Duration: Up to 90 seconds (longer videos up to 10 minutes only for verified Spaces)
  2. Recommended format: .mp4/.mov/.webm
  3. Supported resolution: max 1920*1080.
  4. Recommended ratio: 9:16; 16:9
2. Sign up with Telegram: enable sign up new Tevi account with Telegram
3. Translate post and thread: to translate a post or comment written in another language, tap "See translation" below the post or comment.
4. Integrate a new game into Tevi and show it in Extension and Tevi Vip tab: creators could add the new game to their Space by installing and activating it in Creator tools, Extension
5. Direct Message (Chat): make the message box bigger (full screen) by clicking expand four arrows icon 
6. Direct Message (Chat): enable search for a Space name to continue the conversation and copy text/link messages
7. Suspended Notification: accessing a banned Space, users will find a notification that the Space has been suspended by Tevi instead of previous Not-found alert
8. Notification: send notification when a Space is labeled as NSFW for sharing sensitive content
9. My following: remove Space from following list right after unfollow confirmation

Fix bugs:
  1. Fix minor bugs in old versions.

2024 March 22 - Version 3.16.0:

New features and Improvements:
  1. Home, Collapse posts: group posts when a Space uploads contents in bulk (more than 3 posts within 5 minutes);
  2. Home and Space detail: scroll down to watch the next video;
  3. Donation, Membership USD checkout: Save card details for future use, enable to pay with other cards besides saved ones.
  4. Following tab: enable sort following Spaces by Last activity time (create post, go live) or Last follow time. Enable pin to the top,  mute/unmute, unfollow a Space by swiping left (no need to access Space);
  5. Space detail: accessing a Space, followers will no longer see the Live tab.  On-going/scheduled livestreams will be shown under "Posts" tab;
  6. Home: warn users of sensitive content when posts might disturb them.
Fix bugs:
  1. Fix minor bugs in old versions

2024 February 28 - Version 3.15.2:

New features and Improvements:
  1. Language: Adding 4 languages Bahasa (Indo, Malay), Filipino (the Philippines), Chinese (China), Thai (Thailand)
  2. Live comment: show Tevi's guidline that creators must be 18 or older to go live. Viewers must be 18 or older to recharge and send gifts
  3. Home: show sensitive badge for Spaces sharing such content;
  4. Direct Message (Chat): hanle to share links in chat
Fix bug:
  1. Bugs related to Crowdfunding feature

2024 February 8 - Version 3.15.0:

New features:
  1. Tevi VIP: With a VIP ticket, user could tap "Free Membership!" to become a Member of Space and enjoy all Members-only content
  2. Income: Creators could choose to show/hide their income in Edit Space, My income+
  3. Instagram profile: Guide users to download Tevi App first after clicking to a Tevi link in Instagram  profile

Fix bugs:
  1. Video of 60s or more: sometimes, users need to double-click to play video
  2. Website-restricted live: followers are still able to join a live in website although it is not allowed by the host

2024 January 25 - Version 3.14.0:

New features and Improvements:
  1. Direct Message (Chat): launch the Messaging feature in Web PC and Web mobile, which enables direct conversations between creators and their viewers.
  2. Notification: display all notifications of new posts, new replies, new Members,... to users. Users are able to filter types of notifications they want to read.
  3. Membership checkout: Save card details for future use
  4. Follow Space: auto follow a Space after 5s accessing Space detail
  5. Video post: only auto play video with a length of 60s or less
  6. Landing page: Update new image
  7. Sensitive content filtering: users have to disable filtering to view a Space sharing sensitive content
  8. Memberships: update wordings

Fix bugs:
  1. Bugs in Home, About, adding Panel:  unable to add a link from Tevi
  2. Bugs in Preview post: creators are unable to  preview their posts while editing

2023 December 29 - Version 3.12.1:

  1. My Space/tab Home: Show MCN Rate, Creator Rate for Space under MCN and allow creators to leave MCN as their wish.
  2. Followers: creator could manage their Space’s followers in Web: see list/remove/block.
  3. Membership : show guideline on the rule that Verified Spaces must have only one Tier and change in Price is unallowed.
  4. Donation: allow creators to set price in USD only.

2023 December 23 - Version 3.12.0:

New features:
  1. Payout agency: the model for payout process helps operation and agency teams optimize execution time and control payout requests more efficiently.
  2. Overview Payperpost: give creators an overview of revenue and who buys their exclusive posts in Creator Tool -> Payperpost
  3. Exclusive post: show text, hide image/video instead of hiding all to encourage viewers to buy the post
  4. Preview post: creator could preview their posts
  5. Save the price of the post so that creators can quickly create posts when switching between free and exclusive type
  1. Update UI of Space detail, including 4 tabs: Home, Posts, Membership, Live. Accessing a Space, users will be directed to "Home" first.
  2. Update event detail UI

2023 December 6 - Version 3.11.1:

  1. All-Access Membership Ticket: show list of all verified Spaces for users 
  2. Posts: fix bugs in old versions
  3. Uploading photos: optimize code

2023 November 27 - Version 3.11.0:

New features
  1. All-access Membership Ticket: All-Access Membership Ticket is a pass that allows you to access all of the Membership Tier of Verified Spaces that have joined our program.
  2. Show tab My Following to list all Spaces that the user has followed
  3. Enable post's creators to see a list of Spaces that  react to the post

2023 November 6 - Version 3.10.0:

New updates
  1. Update Membership feature: enable followers to pay Membership in Star
  2. Handle Pay per post, followers could pay a locked post without becoming a Member
  3. New UI of Space Detail: publish the number of Members/posts and Income
  4. Show Activity Feed: accessing a Space, follower is able to see who has just bought Tier, donated to this Space
  5. Handle anchor so that Creator could share link of Space's About/Live directly
Fix bugs
  1. Creator could not edit a post that contains video and other bugs in old version

2023 October 4 - Version 3.8.0:

  1. Allow users to Disable Filtering to see sensitive content

2023 October 2 - Version 3.7.0:

  1. Merge Profile and Space
  2. New Detail Page of Space. Creator is able to upload an Avatar, Cover, and About...
  3. Handle creating posts
  4. Enable the creator to create Tiers for Membership
  5. New Search page
Product optimization:
  1. Fix issues

2023 September 15 - Version 3.6.0:

New Updates:

  1. New landing page of The New Tevi
  2. New interface of channel detail
  3. Allow users to see and comment on posts of Space that they followed on the Home page and Channel detail page 
  4. Add Search feature to find creators
  5. New Membership tiers: payment by card
  6. Change currency: TEVI -> USD
  7. Show a verified badge for Space that has been confirmed as an authentic profile

    2023 August 11 - Version 3.5.0:

    1. Improved Raise hand feature.
    1. Fix the bug that did not let creators pick the hour when scheduling a livestream.

    2023 July 26 - Version 3.4.0:

    General optimization:
    1. Improved the embedded player.
    2. Guided to Tevi Tips channel when clicking Read More at the What's New frame on the homepage. 
    3. Adjusted the FAQ link at the footer.
    Specific changes of the mobile website:
    1. Removed the following options from the menu: Tevi Studio, Following, My Wallet, and My Assets.
    2. Added the Open Tevi App section to the menu.
    Fixed bugs from other versions:
    1. Displayed correct images. 
    2. Deactivated the subscribe button if the subscription package has not been selected.

    2023 July 6 - Version 3.3.0:

    New updates:

    1. Allowed anonymous users to watch live.
    2. Optimized the view of social links on the channel detail page.
    3. Stopped supporting some features on the mobile web version.

    Fix bugs from other versions:

    1. When viewers scrolled the banner list, the following list also scrolled.
    2. Requested to download the app when the app was downloaded already.
    3. Did not join live automatically when the event started.

    2023 June 23 - Version 3.2.0:

    New updates:
    1. Supported viewers to use Tevi Star to subscribe to channels that activated their subscription plans.
    2. Added notifications for viewers on restricted live streams.
    3. Added video avatars for special channels. 
    Fix bugs on other versions:
    1. Camera did not work when participants refresh the browser.
    2. Video was mirrored.
    3. Could not submit payment on popup Get Stars.
    4. Footer issues when buying stars.
    5. The chat did not scroll to the bottom of the page when a new message is sent
    6. Other minor bugs.

    2023 June 12 - Version 3.1.0: 

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