How many types of fee applied in Tevi?

How many types of fee applied in Tevi?

As a Creator on Tevi, you can use various features to monetize your content and interact with your fans. However, there are some fees that you need to pay when you use these features. Here is a summary of the fees and how they're deducted in Tevi.

1. Withdrawal fee: 

You need to pay a withdrawal fee when you withdraw your earnings from Tevi to your bank account or other payment methods. 

The withdrawal fee consists of:

  1. Payout fee: This is a fee that Tevi charges for processing your withdrawal. You will be charged 5% of the total amount for each withdrawal
  2. Transaction fee: This is a fee that depends on your country and payment method. You may or may not be charged a transaction fee when you withdraw your earnings. 

For example, if you withdraw $100, you will have to pay $5 as payout fee and $1 as Payoneer transaction fee (The payment method you chose). The total $94 will be transferred to your account.

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2. Membership fee: 

Before your Membership revenue gets to your account, Tevi will automatically charge a fixed fee of 10% on the total cost of the Membership Tier that each of your supporters has paid. 

For example, if you set up a Membership Tier that costs $10 per month, you will receive $9 from each member who purchased your Membership Tier and $1 will be charged as the Membership fee.

3. Pay-Per-Post Fee:

For each post purchase, Tevi keeps 10% of your gross revenue as service fee, and deducts any applicable MCN fees from the remaining amount.

Let's say you're under an MCN with an MCN rate of 5%, and you just earned $10 from a post purchase. In this case, the following fees will be applied:
  1. Service fee: $10 x 10% = $1.
  2. MCN fee: ($10 - $1) x 5% = $0.45.
The final amount you'll receive in USD is calculated as follows: 10 - 1 - 0.45 = $8.55.

4. MCN Fee (Only applies to creators who work under MCN):

Creators may incur an MCN fee for income generated through monetizing activities like hosting paid events and pay-per-post. The specific MCN fee is collaboratively negotiated and agreed upon by both the creator and the MCN they are associated with.

MCN fee is not a fixed percentage but a negotiable aspect determined through mutual agreement. This approach ensures flexibility and transparency throughout the monetization process, fostering a cooperative and fair relationship between creators and their affiliated MCNs.

5. Exchange Fee:

A 3% fee applies when transferring from USD into Stars (For now, you can only exchange USD to Stars on PC/Mobile Web Browser).

6. Top up fee:

When topping up your Tevi account, a paygate's fee will be applied based on the paygate's policy specific to your country.

The exact amount of the fee is determined by the policies set by the respective paygate.

7. Livestream fee

Total revenue generated during a livestream will be applied 5% service fee before transferring to your Tevi Wallet.

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