What happens if my account does not have enough Stars to renew subscription?

What happens if my account does not have enough Stars to renew subscription?

When there are not enough stars in your account to renew your subscription, the system will turn off the subscription mode and your associated benefits to that channel.
The system will continue to try to renew for 5 days after the previous subscription expires. After this time, your subscription will be completely canceled.
In case you do not want to continue renewing, you can cancel the subscription according to the instructions
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    • Do subscriptions auto-renew?

      Subscription function on Tevi will automatically renew by default.
    • Why can't I subscribe a channel when having enough Stars?

      Subscription feature is for valid paid accounts only. A valid paid account is the one that has purchased Stars via in-app purchase or Tevi website within last 90 days.
    • How can I cancel a purchased subscription?

      You can track your subscriptions in the "My Subscription" tab in the Profile page. Choose a package to see the details, you'll see instructions to cancel it at the bottom of the page. Note: you can cancel a subscription, but you won't get a refund ...
    • What are the benefits of buying a channel subscription package?

      Subscription benefits will depend on the channel owner or content creator. Tevi allows content creators to create exclusive content for subscribers, or offer them exclusive offers that are not visible to regular users. Subscribers can also engage in ...
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      How this will help? In today's digital world, managing multiple accounts across various platforms can become a hassle, especially when it comes to login credentials. In an effort to simplify this process, many platforms offer the option to link ...