What is Star and Tevi in my account balance?

What is Star and Tevi in my account balance?

On the Tevi platform, there are 2 quantities used to represent currency in feature usage and transactions: Star and Tevi. - Star is a quantity converted from money loaded into the system by users, which can be used to buy the right to watch events, donate, participate in games or other paid features. - Tevi is a quantity converted to Star, when a user receives an income from donations, selling event rights, game rewards, or other revenue-generating features. In general, sender's Star will be converted to receiver's Tevi.
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      Tevi is friendly to anyone to start live streaming and become a content creator. Switch to Creator Mode in your account, create and customize your own channel. Then you can invite people to join your events.
    • What is the conversion value of Star and Tevi?

      1 Star is valued at 0.01 US dollars, while 1 Tevi is equivalent to 1 US dollar. That means 100 Stars will equal 1 Tevi. This conversion value is not the same as the Star recharge price as it will also include transaction costs or fees from app ...
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