What is Star on Tevi?

What is Star on Tevi?

Stars on Tevi are a virtual currency used to support streamers. You can acquire Stars from the Shop and donate them to your favorite streamers. When you donate Stars, they convert to TEVI, another currency on Tevi that can be withdrawn for tangible value.
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    • How to purchase Star on Tevi?

      To purchase Stars on Tevi: Log in to your Tevi account: Open the Tevi app on your mobile device or visit the Tevi website on your computer and log in to your account. Find the Shop button: Look for the Shop button, located at the bottom of the screen ...
    • Can I pay for subscriptions via real money?

      No, subscriptions only accept payments in the amount of Stars. You can use cash to buy Stars through in-app purchase or the Star shop on the website.
    • What is Star and Tevi in my account balance?

      On the Tevi platform, there are 2 quantities used to represent currency in feature usage and transactions: Star and Tevi. - Star is a quantity converted from money loaded into the system by users, which can be used to buy the right to watch events, ...
    • What is the conversion value of Star and Tevi?

      1 Star is valued at 0.01 US dollars, while 1 Tevi is equivalent to 1 US dollar. That means 100 Stars will equal 1 Tevi. This conversion value is not the same as the Star recharge price as it will also include transaction costs or fees from app ...
    • May I transfer Star or Tevi to another users on Tevi?

      Unfortunately, Tevi does not currently support the transfer of Stars or Tevi between users within the app. Stars can only be acquired through in-app purchases, and Tevi can be earned through livestream sessions. For more information on how to ...