When will I receive the income from interactive games of Idol Kit?

When will I receive the income from interactive games of Idol Kit?

Revenue from games of Idol Kit will be delivered to your account when events end.
It will be recorded as a part of your event detail billing.
You can find the amount in the Interaction tab of billing detail.
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    • How many games are there in the Idol Kit?

      There are several interactive games in the Idol Kit that you can use to engage with your viewers: - Wheel of Fortune - Casino Wheel - Dice - Morra - Turntable - Challenge Accepted - PK Game (under development) - Lucky Turntable (under development) - ...
    • How to activate the Idol kit for my channel?

      Idol Kit is an extension that activates multi interactive games for your channel. To activate it, please follow below steps: - Open Tool in your Creator Mode - Open Extension library - Install and activate the Idol Kit one - Go Live > Open Tool in ...
    • Are there any fee I have to pay for using Idol Kit?

      Idol Kit is applied as a revenue-shared model. 20% of your revenue would be shared to the developer team. The revenue count on any income of the channel.
    • What are differences between normal donation and Idol Kit donation?

      The donation pakages in Idol Kit have been specified to items which star values. They make the donation more interesting. Value of the star is still the same.
    • Which games can help me to gain more incomes?

      You can play these below games to gain revenue: - Wheel of Fortune: player pay for spin turn - Challenge Accepted: set a goal and call the viewers to donate, if the donation reach the goal, you may accept a challenge - PK Game: competition with a ...