Which channel has the right to open the subscription function?

Which channel has the right to open the subscription feature?

Any channel can activate the subscription function on Tevi.
We also encourage you to customize your channel for best description:
- Update content Channel Description
- Identify the main content groups of the channel (Tags)
- Connect with other social platforms (Social Links)
- Add banners and links in the settings panel (About)
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      Channel subscription is a feature on Tevi with the aim of helping creators and fans engage closer. It also allows creators to publish unique contents for the audience who love and support them. Subscription on Tevi is set by month (30 days) and the ...
    • Can I stop Subscription feature or edit the subscription price that I have set?

      To deactivate the Subscription function, or To edit the subscription price, please contact us via https://support.tevi.com for next guidance.
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    • Why can't I subscribe a channel when having enough Stars?

      Subscription feature is for valid paid accounts only. A valid paid account is the one that has purchased Stars via in-app purchase or Tevi website within last 90 days.
    • Can I customize the subscription price?

      Yes, of course, but there will be minimum and maximum limits for setting up the subscription price. - Minimum price: 50 stars - Maximum price: 9999 stars Note: you can only set 1 subscription price at a time.