Which devices can I use?

Which devices can I use?

Tevi is now available for using on web browser, Android (12.0 & later) and iOS (7.0 & later) applications. So technically you can use Tevi on smartphones, tablets and computers. For now you can log in each account to Tevi from max. 3 devices at the same time.
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    • May I use Tevi for video call?

      Tevi has solution for this purpose. Tevi allows you to add slots and invite others to join speaking in livestream events. Then if you set your event as public type, you may have a live streaming webinar or conference. And in another case when the ...
    • Is Tevi a private platform?

      Tevi is directed to be a private streaming platform. First of all, live streaming events on Tevi use end-to-end enscryption. It means Tevi does not have any data to disclose. Tevi will not utilize your contents to deliver on any other channels. You ...
    • Is Tevi free to use?

      For now Tevi is totally free to download and use. No hidden fee, no monthly fee for basic usage. Users may be charged 5% maintenance fee for any time they make a withdrawal. Beside that, creators may have to share a percentage of their revenue when ...
    • How do I interact or donate for the host of a live stream

      How this will help? Live streaming is a fun and interactive way to connect with people online. If you're new to live streaming, you may be wondering how to chat with hosts and other users, or how to show your appreciation for a streamer you enjoy. In ...
    • Can I become a creator?

      Tevi is friendly to anyone to start live streaming and become a content creator. Switch to Creator Mode in your account, create and customize your own channel. Then you can invite people to join your events.