Which platforms are supported by Tevi?

Which platforms are supported by Tevi?

Tevi is available on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and PC/laptop, ensuring compatibility across platforms. Your user account syncs seamlessly across all devices.
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    • How to purchase Star on Tevi?

      To purchase Stars on Tevi: Log in to your Tevi account: Open the Tevi app on your mobile device or visit the Tevi website on your computer and log in to your account. Find the Shop button: Look for the Shop button, located at the bottom of the screen ...
    • Which platform can be linked with a Tevi account?

      How this will help? In today's digital world, managing multiple accounts across various platforms can become a hassle, especially when it comes to login credentials. In an effort to simplify this process, many platforms offer the option to link ...
    • Can I gift subscription packages to others?

      For now, you cannot gift subscription to others yet.
    • Do subscriptions auto-renew?

      Subscription function on Tevi will automatically renew by default.
    • Is Tevi a private platform?

      Tevi is directed to be a private streaming platform. First of all, live streaming events on Tevi use end-to-end enscryption. It means Tevi does not have any data to disclose. Tevi will not utilize your contents to deliver on any other channels. You ...