Who is Tevi for?

Who is Tevi for?

Tevi is for any individual, group, or company who wants to lively share information with target people, discuss among a group or just chat with friends and family in a private way. Whoever wants to host a live stream can think of Tevi.

Users of Tevi can be a company that wants to host a webinar for employees or a music star who wants to privately interact with fans. It can also be a group of people scheduling a virtual reunion to update about each other’s life and more. Via a private invitation, target viewers can easily access the live stream.

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    • What is Tevi?

      Tevi is a live streaming platform dedicated to providing a private environment for all users. With Tevi, users can easily create a private show on their own. Tevi is designed & constantly updated to provide one-of-a-kind live stream experiences to ...
    • Where is Tevi based?

      We are the X Mobile International Corp. - Seychelles company established in 2015. We have a team of developers currently working in Singapore. But it is not all to make Tevi available and progressing. Tevi gets consultancy from top-notch strategic ...
    • What is Tevi's mission?

      Most private, secure, and easy to use are our committed mission to users. We aim to be a private live stream platform inspiring billions of people's lives. We have a dream of making Tevi become the best live stream platform in the world where users ...
    • How can I contact Tevi?

      You can easily drop us an email at support@tevi.com. You can also submit a support request on our apps or our website. Remember to include your email address on your support request so we can get back to you as soon as possible!
    • What languages are Tevi using?

      All content on Tevi app is set to default in English.  At this moment, our team has been working to gradually make it available for other popular languages to bring you the best experience. You can check and switch to your preferred language by ...