[FAQ] Why don't I see the income of my Membership when having a new subscriber?

[FAQ] Why don't I see the income of my Membership when having a new subscriber?

- Revenue from a Membership Tier will be paid out every 7-days after start date. For example, a monthly Membership your supporter purchased on Jan 1st will be paid to your account at the end of its duration, which is by Jan 9th.

- Once your supporter has subscribed to your Membership Tier and 7 days have passed without an earning notification, you can check your transaction history to see if the money has been transferred to your Tevi Wallet by following these steps:

      Go to ‘Menu’ > ‘My wallet’ > 'Transaction history'.

- In case you still could not find your earnings, please contact Tevi Customer Support and provide us with your Tevi ID and Space Slug (The name part after "@" of your Space Link) for assistance.

*Verified Spaces will get income from membership within a day from the time they got subscribed.

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      By default, the Membership feature on Tevi automatically renews, and the notification for renewed Membership income is displayed the same as for a new Membership purchase.
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